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Our Core Value: Focus on the Physician Process


Our approach to engagements is frequently anchored by the physician process necessary to organize and advance clinical transformation across the enterprise. Our philosophy is that the clinical model drives the business model, and that success is out of reach without meaningfully engaging key physicians stakeholders.

Our firm is frequently called upon to educate, engage and organize physicians to function as effective partners for a hospital or health system. Using seasoned consultants, SSB spends considerable time examining clinical, economic and organizational challenges impacting the engagement and cooperation of key physician stakeholders. We work diligently to identify and cultivate physician leaders, facilitate dialogue leading to mutually acceptable solutions and understanding among stakeholders, and ultimately help clients successfully adapt or migrate to new clinical, financial and structural models.


Broad, Integrated Perspective

By understanding the different business and clinical perspectives of large employers, health plans, hospitals, physicians, vendors, suppliers, technology developers, entrepreneurs and investors, SSB has unique insight into the forces and dynamics that shape healthcare in America today. The firm draws from this broad exposure to formulate a balanced and far-reaching vision for where healthcare is headed, and how the likely changes will affect all the various parties. This vision and understanding enables SSB to see opportunities and potential pitfalls that others might miss.


Vision & Creativity

SSB's clients and partners turn to our firm for ideas and new direction. Our engagement teams tap comprehensive industry knowledge, experience and strategic talent to develop a deep understanding of clients' core challenges and barriers to action. We then apply our imagination and creativity to identify potential solutions. SSB is regularly recognized for "outside-the-box" thinking, "break-through" ideas, and "next generation" solutions.


Ability To Drive Consensus & Understanding

SSB has repeatedly demonstrated an exceptional ability to relate effectively with key constituencies; including physicians, administration, senior executives, board members, strategic partners, and investors.

We work with all the key constituencies to forge agreement about the direction to pursue, and can then organize a process to ensure effective execution. SSB's team is especially strong in executive leadership skills, which can be applied in the form of project management or interim executive management.


Contacts & Introductions

SSB maintains close contacts with a vast network of highly-placed individuals inside government, in associations, and throughout the many sub-sectors of the healthcare industry, including hospitals, physicians, academic medical centers, research centers, health plans, vendors, suppliers, technology developers, medical device companies and other key players and participants in the sector. We frequently access this network to open doors and make connections that will benefit our clients and partners.


Discipline & Drive: Focus On Results

Often, organizations look to SSB to energize their efforts to overcome operational inertia and make a quantum leap forward. Implementing new strategies can be particularly difficult for management teams that are consumed with existing operations, yet need to apply time and energy to new strategic priorities at the same time. Over the years, we have helped a number of clients maintain focus and discipline around new strategic initiatives. providing resources, discipline, drive and direction.


Interim Executive Resources

Frequently, organizations lack the internal resources needed for a new strategic initiative, and want the initiative to be developed further before permanent staff is hired. SSB resources can fill the gap, either as consultants or as interim or transition management. This can occur in a many different situations, from the mature organization implementing a new initiative to the start-up company that has not yet been funded.


Willingness To Share Risk

SSB wants to partner with its clients in every sense of the word, and is willing to consider sharing risk on selected projects. In consulting engagements, this may take the form of placing a portion of the compensation at risk, depending on performance. Or, it may involve paying a portion of the compensation in the form of equity. And in selected venture projects, SSB may provide a significant portion of its services in exchange for equity ownership.