New Ventures
Strategic Partnering for Funding, Marketing and Product Development


SSB has had extensive experience with a broad array of healthcare venture projects. In selected enagements, the project focus centers on optimizing the structure, strategic direction and market opportunities for the firms; in other instances, SSB is called in by investors anxious to maximize an underperforming asset, or by entrepreneurs looking for a partner with business turnaround experience.

Examples of companies that have turned to SSB for help on venture projects include:

- Entrepreneurs who want to test the feasibility of their business concept

- Early stage developers in search of structure, discipline and management for their
   emerging business

- Mature companies that want highly-specialized, experienced and credible healthcare leadership
   in new venture development activities

- Company founders who are struggling to raise capital for a promising new device
   or technology and

- Companies that have nearly exhausted their initial funding and are having trouble attracting
   new investment capital


SSB offers these companies a high-impact, rapid-deployment team of seasoned healthcare executives, as well as access to SSB's network of contacts in all arenas of healthcare (e.g., research centers; hospitals and physicians; academic medical centers; health plans; employers; federal and state government; associations; and industry media). SSB consultants can provide assistance in many ways:

- Market evaluation and feasibility assessments

- Business plan development or evaluation

- Capital acquisition

- Sales planning and support

- Partnering introductions and

- Interim management


In selected venture projects, SSB will invest time and resources in exchange for equity, often supplemented with a modest cash retainer. By maintaining an ownership stake in the venture, SSB operates as a financial partner, aligning its interests with those of the other stakeholders in the venture.